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Acur and Punto Planting

Acur and point sewing is a type of stitch used to fix the threads to the fabric. It is also used to create an outline around an element within a design. This technique is


Shirring and Hair Braiding

It is necessary to be very sensitive to the fabric when sewing shirring and braiding. It is possible for the fabric to fork and break during this sewing


Planting Shepherd’s Oyster Rose

Stitch; It is a kind of way made with thread on fabric. There are many shapes and patterns of sewing available. This process, which was done by hand in ancient times


Decorative Stitching

Sometimes we can look for original touches in our clothes. There are several ways to do this. Decorative stitches are one of them. We can make use of these stitches


Gipe Tire Sewing

This type of stitch has come from the past and is still widely used and is a type of stitch. In general, quilted elastic stitching is sewn to the mouths of the arms, the waist


Jacquard Sewing

Jacquard fabric is a type of fabric that is formed by passing through colored threads produced in many different colors. These fabrics can be sewn as jacquard sewing


Relief, Board, Baklava Rib Sewing

There are many types of stitches. One of the sewing types is lozenge rib sewing models. This species is a very demanding species. It is a demanding species.


Planting Watermelon Seeds

It is a highly preferred method in many fields. All the methods that provide a new design in clothes, make additions and make the fabric look cooler are called sewing methods.


Planting Layers

The sewing process of the fabric is called by handling and folding the determined fabric and determining the dimensions one by one at the same time.


Crochet Stitch Sewing

Crochet; It is a method of weaving using yarn and a crochet hook. It comes from the French word croc or croche, meaning hook. It is similar to knitting embroidery models


Lined Baby Overlock Stitch

Sewing is a handicraft product work that needs to be prepared very carefully. Only those who are attentive and focused can continue sewing work.


Rib Planting

Rib stitches, which have made a name for themselves in the past, are widely used. This is the way the fabrics are sewn by determining what they are looking


Automatic Zigzag Sewing

Zigzag stitches are widely used as a pattern on the fabric. Thanks to this process, it gives a model to the fabric according to the type and color of the fabric


Pile Layer Sewing

Although it may seem difficult to sew the fabric with pleats, it is a very simple process. Here, the feature of the fabric should be taken into consideration while sewing


Ornamental Cover Planting

Coverstitch is formed by connecting the lower repeater thread. It is made with 2 and 3 needle thread groups. This is a type of sewing that is frequently preferred due to its durability


Chain Embroidery Sewing

Chain stitch patterns are widely used in many sewing fields. Sometimes this type of stitch is preferred when making key chains and sometimes creating


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