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Planting Layers

The sewing process of the fabric is called by handling and folding the determined fabric and determining the dimensions one by one at the same time. By laying the fabric on a plane, the measured lengths are also folded and stitched in layers.

Recently, the layered sewing model is preferred over flashy clothes such as overalls and wedding dresses. The purpose of layered sewing models is to make the clothing appear wider than it is. The fabric, measured with the help of the appropriate thread color, is brought under the sewing machine and placed on the sewing foot, and the layered stitching process is started. This process, which is very practical if it is sewn with a sewing machine, makes the outfit more ornamental and more attractive at the same time.

Where are Layered Sewing Models Used?

In general, people prefer clothes sewn with this type of sewing model in weddings, henna nights, special invitations and many similar areas. The biggest reason for this is that the layered sewing models contain extremely wide fabric. This sewing model can be made with different colors. Layers of stitching are also used in specially designed clothes. It is a type of sewing that appeals to all ages.

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