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Planting Shepherd’s Oyster Rose

Stitch; It is a kind of way made with thread on fabric. There are many shapes and patterns of sewing available. This process, which was done by hand in ancient times, has left its place to machines today. In addition to the stitches made to join the pieces, there are also stitches made for aesthetic appearance. These stitches are preferred in order to show the piece, garment or fabric in a nice and beautiful way. As Güven Süs Stitches, we offer you different sewing options with our professional staff.

Sewing Types

One of the most preferred sewing patterns is the shepherd’s oyster rose stitch pattern. Except this; It is available in our models such as spot stitch, acur stitch, decorative stitch, jacquard stitch, rib stitch and zigzag stitch.

Shepherd’s Oyster Rose Stitch

This sewing pattern has different methods. We are planting 12 different shepherd’s oyster roses. Where, how and on what kind of fabric to be sewn, we recommend choosing a suitable model. If you are looking for professional support, you can always reach us. We continue to serve with our expert staff in both decision making and job completion. Fast supply and quality service are the top priorities of our company missions.

As a strong company that attaches importance to quality in its work, to work with all its strength to become one of the leading companies in Turkey with its innovative, professional staff that produces quality works in the light of reason and fashion, and the latest system machinery, which adds innovation to itself every day.

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