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Pile Layer Sewing

Although it may seem difficult to sew the fabric with pleats, it is a very simple process. Here, the feature of the fabric should be taken into consideration while sewing the pile in layers. The fabric is first folded in a folded way and the pile model is given. Then, measurements are taken from the fabric for the folded process of the pile and it is started to be sewn. This sewing is usually done on the sewing machine. This makes planting easier and faster.

What are the Points to Consider While Sewing Pile Layer by Layer?

The most important event in this process is the type of fabric. Fabrics are available in many pleated and layered stitch patterns. This completely depends on which fabric the person chooses and what to sew. The fabric chosen here is whether it is skirt fabric or blouse fabric, and then the sewing process starts by paying attention in this direction.

Pleated clothes are very popular nowadays. It offers a very pleasing view to the eye. Pile models are used in many clothing. Today, especially in wedding dresses and skirts, the pleated layered model is kept in the foreground. With a correct sewing, a flat fabric gains a different dimension.

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