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Shirring and Hair Braiding

It is necessary to be very sensitive to the fabric when sewing shirring and braiding. It is possible for the fabric to fork and break during this sewing. These two species are planted differently from each other.

Especially keeping the shirring fabric correctly, it should be sewn with the right machine. The most difficult of the two models are shirring and braiding. These two species are very difficult to plant. Hair braiding has recently been used as an ornament. It is a sewing style that makes the fabrics look more ornamental.

What Should Be Considered While Making Shirring and Knitting Stitches?

Both of these types of stitches are dexterous stitches. Choosing the right fabric and using the right machine is very important. Especially, the first choice used when making a ruffle should be a shirring thread. Gathering and braiding are now done on hairpins. These buckles are often used even on evening dresses.

The needle inside the machine, the color of the thread and the thickness of the needle play important roles in the sewing process. Hair braiding can also be done by hand, but it can take quite a long time. For this reason, it would be more correct to make these two sewing patterns on the machine.

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